Event Description


Room: CL 011

Age Guide: HS

Pre-req's - Earned their BSA Cyber Chip. Bring a flash drive. 



Jan Zukowski Jan is a second generation Eagle Scout and is serving in his 10th year as a counselor for the Merit Badge College, second year as Programming merit badge co-counselor. Jan has a degree in Computer Science and has professionally coded and designed software in 12 different languages. Professionally, Jan is a software development manager in the healthcare industry, primarily focusing on web and mobile technologies. In Scouting, Jan is advancement coordinator of Troop 66 Cranston.
Bob Petrarca Bob is serving in his 5th year as a Merit Badge counselor and co-instructor for the Programming Merit Badge. He has a BS in Computer science from URI and served as a communications officer managing voice and data systems for the US Army and RI Army National Guard for 20+ years. Bob has been employed as a SQL database developer for over 25 years in the banking, insurance and pharmaceutical industries. Bob has been an adult Scouter for over 12 years and serves as the “Make it Move” belt loop counselor at the annual Cub Scout Belt Loop College.