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Age guide - G

Room- CL 111

Pre-req's - 

Complete requirements 1-4 before coming to class. Bring a device with internet and word processing capabilities with you to class.



Marissa Salvas Marissa is a 22 year old graduate student at Rhode Island College studying Elementary Education. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Biology in the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina, spending her days hiking, wading in rivers, and treating injured wildlife to be released in their habitats. Her exploratory experience includes a 2016 research study in Belize, Central America, where she trekked the undisturbed jungle to study fruiting seasonality of tree species and also conducted small mammal trapping. This trip included a 6 mile hike during constant downpour, birdwatching toucans above the 100 foot canopy, and snorkeling with stingray. In her teaching pedagogy she embraces experience and wishes her students to become aware of how humans, nature, and wildlife are interconnected.