Event Description

Nuclear Science

Supernova Award Merit Badge (www.scouting.org/STEM)

Room: GH 206

Age Guide: HS


#4  (2 of 4) Bring written evidence to the MB college to support completion.

#5. (1 of 3) Bring written evidence of completion.

#6. (1 of 3) Bring evidence to class (model or drawing).


John M Emblidge John Emblidge holds a Master’s degree in Physics and is a retired Navy LCDR having served on nuclear submarines. He is currently a Systems Engineer for Raytheon in Portsmouth, RI. A 40 year veteran of Scouting, John is an Eagle Scout, and a trained leader, having been a Scoutmaster and holding many other leadership roles.
Bill Dundulis Bill Dundulis holds a Master’s degree in Chemistry (Radiochemistry). He has over 39+ years experience with the Radiation Control Program at the RI Department of Health and is currently a Risk Assessment Toxicologist responsible for regulation and policy development. Bill has been a registered Scouter for over 20 years and currently serves as a Unit Commissioner in the Northwest Service Area.