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Spring 2021 Recruiting Campaign


Below you will find details and further links to resources to help you be successful in your 2021 Spring recruiting efforts.



Campaign Details: 

Recruiting new youth is a great way to breathe new life into your unit. The Spring season allows Scouts to get outside and better yet, prepare for Summer Camp! Our 2021 Spring recruiting campaign is designed to give you some hints and tips that really work as witnessed by other units here in the Council. Check out the video above from Pack 1 Jamestown on what worked for them in 2020!


The Incentives

  1. Every current Scout who recruits one new youth will receive the official recruiter strip that can be worn on the uniform.
  2. For every Scout who recruits 5 or more new youth they will be interested into a drawing for a free week of Summer Camp.
  3. Additional incentives may be announced based on the level of involvement and success.

*A new youth is considered to be any youth that was not registered in 2020. Arrow of Light crossovers into a Troop do not count as new youth. This incentive ends May 14th, 2021.

Recruiter Strip


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10 Recruitment Ideas that really work!

1. Peer to peer recruitment is the most effective recruitment method! Have each family ask via phone, text, email, or social media 3 to 5 people they know with kids that are not currently in Scouts to come to your event.

2. Utilize Facebook. Post recent images and ask your current families to like them and share.

3. Update your BeAScout.org pin with the correct contact info. Many of our marketing materials drive people to that website.

4. Ask the school(s) to include your flyer in their newsletter. We even have short videos that they can share.

5. Send the details of your upcoming activity (or a recent event) to the local newspaper. 

6. Participate in community events. Parades, clean up days, local festivals/farmers markets, touch a truck events, school open houses, etc.

7. Utilize the inflatable archery and BB ranges, as well as pop up tents, and signs offered by the Council.

8. Pizza box flyers. The Council will print small flyers that your local favorite pizza shop can attach or include with each order on a busy Friday night.

9. Will a local business, library, town hall, fire department, etc. display your ‘ad’ on their marquee or let you hang up a poster or stake down a lawn sign?

10. Utilize your Chartered Organization. Many of them will allow you to make an announcement, put info into a newsletter/bulletin, or mention you on their website.


Other Resources:

2021 Campaign Details Flyer

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